Crypto-theft malware: Currently popular methods and other nasty tricks

Crypto-theft malware: Currently popular methods and other nasty tricks

AtlantisFX | Much of the attractiveness of digital assets lies in the fact that many of them are not affiliated with or controlled by governments, central banks, or transnational corporations (at least not yet). However, the price of independence from the institutions of global capitalism can sometimes be extremely high, because, in the case of cryptocurrency theft, there is no one to turn to. Moreover, the irreversibility of blockchain transactions makes it extremely difficult to get the money back once it's gone.

Malicious Internet users love cryptocurrencies for exactly the same reasons. In recent years, hackers and fraudsters of all kinds have perfected the art of stealing this money from unknowing users due to the rise in popularity of digital money. Many newcomers in this room fall victim to them.

About a year ago, Cointelegraph had put together a detailed synopsis of many popular crypto-theft tricks and tips on how to avoid falling victim to them. While the list remains relevant, it is time to revisit the topic to see if there are any new threats to your crypto assets that you need to be aware of.


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