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Bitcoin increases by 10% - The cops take command

Bitcoin increases by 10% - The cops take command
AtlantisFX | Bitcoin increases by 10% - The cops take command

AtlantisFX | Bitcoin lost $ 12,631.8 on Tuesday at 04:32 (02:32 GMT), up 10.08% on Tuesday, according to the AtlantisFX Index. This corresponds to the biggest percentage of daily gain since June 26th.

The recent bullishness boosted Bitcoin's market capitalization to $ 224.6bn or 63.86% of the total market capitalization of all Cryptocurrencies. At the top, Bitcoin's market capitalization was $ 241.2 billion.

For the past 24 trading hours, Bitcoin has been trading in a range of $ 12,187.4 on the underside and $ 12,660.0 on the upside.

Over the past seven days, Bitcoin's value has increased by 23.04%. Bitcoin's average trading volume over the past 24 trading hours was $ 25.1B million or 33.31% of the total volume of all Cryptocurrencies. Over the past 7 trading days, the digital currency has oscillated in a range of $ 10,810.2510 on the underside and $ 12,660.0381 on the upside.

From today's price, Bitcoin is 36.43% off the record high, which was flagged on December 17, 2017 at $ 19,870.62 dollars.

How about other Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum recently traded at $ 315.68, up 3.76%, according to Index.

XRP rose 2.81% to $ 0.40536 from the Index.

Ethereum's market capitalization most recently was $ 33.8bn or 9.61% of the market capitalization of all Cryptocurrencies, while XRP's market capitalization last stood at $ 17.3bn or 4.91% of total market capitalization.


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