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AtlantisFX | What is web design?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

AtlantisFX | What is web design?
AtlantisFX | What is web design?

AtlantisFX | what is website design?

What is web design? All about web design

If you are new to the web and have recently entered the world of programming, you have probably heard the term web design many times. And you may wondering what web design is all about. You may not yet be able to tell the difference between web design and web programming. In this article we will fully answer the question "What is web design" and explain some other concepts to some extent and introduce useful resources for learning them.

What is web design?

In an article called What is Programming, we will explained simple programming.

If we want to answer the question of what is web design, we must first know what the web is and what it is called. AtlantisFX The following is a very simple (and perhaps partly technically incorrect) definition of the web:

The Web, or World Wide Web, abbreviated to www, is what we call the Internet today. Today, through a browser and by connecting to this global network, we can access all the information within it.

If you are looking for a very comprehensive and specialized definition, the World Wide Web page on Wikipedia can be useful for you. But this simple definition is enough for us to know that the Internet is a place of data that we can connect to.

What is a website?

After answering the web question, we come to the website. You must have heard the name of the website many times. I want to explain the concept of website with an example.

Just as we rent a piece of land for life or business in the real world, so can the Internet. This means that we can rent part of the Internet and have that part for ourselves for a while. The part that we rent on the internet and belongs to us for a while is called a website. In fact, websites are our land on the Internet that we can use differently.

All about web design?

We also learned about the concept of the website. Now we come to answer our main question. web design.

as like as in the real world we use plastering, paint, cabinets, home furnishings, and so on to beautify our home, so in the Internet world we can use tools to beautify our site. On the other hand, in the online world, we are provided with tools that we can use to build our site first and then beautify it.

In the real world, we first rent or buy land, then use concrete, cement, round bars, bricks, and so on, and finally beautify it with plaster, paint, ceramics, flooring, and so on. It's exactly the same in the web world. First we build our site, and then we beautify it using tools.

So in answer to the question of what is web design, we can say very simply: everything that helps our website to look better and more beautiful is called web design.

A web designer determines how different elements of a website, such as text, photos, links, and so on, are displayed, and where each section of the site, such as logos, articles, menus, and so on, is located.

Do not confuse web design with web programming!

The common mistake that amateurs make is to confuse web design with web programming. If these two concepts are completely different from each other and should not be used elsewhere.

Web design is a set of tasks that create the beauty of the site. In fact, everything the user encounters and sees on your monitor screen is the result of web design and the work of a web designer. In fact, a web designer's main job is to design things that users can interact with directly and view on their monitor.

But web programming is different. A web developer writes code that the user cannot see, and the code does not directly affect the appearance of the site and runs behind the scenes, for example, taking articles from a database or database behind the scenes and showing them to the user.


Who is a web designer and what are his / her duties?

So far, we've talked about web design, and now we will answer this question.

What is web design? ”It is not a difficult task for us. Now we want to talk about the tasks of a web designer and what a web designer should do.

A web designer or so-called Front End Designer is someone who uses various technologies (such as HTML - CSS - Javascript, etc.) to design the appearance of a site and has nothing to do with behind-the-scenes codes.

You may be wondering what Front End is and how it differs from Back End.

Web design languages

As we mentioned in the previous section, a web designer uses a variety of technologies and programming languages to design web pages.

A web designer uses the following technologies to design a web page:


CSS (or CSS3)

Java Script

J. Query

Four things that we mentioned above are the minimum knowledge you need to design web pages and become a web designer. Of course, you can also design sites with just the first two, HTML and CSS, but JavaScript and jQuery can give you a lot of power.

We must note that for some reason we can not speak HTML and CSS programming languages. Because they don't have the features of programming languages at all. Rather, we call them superscribe or tagging languages.

What tools do we need for web design?

So far, we have tried to answer the question of what web design is. Now we want to see what tools we need for web design.

You do not need to have complicated features to design web pages. Here are the minimums we need:

An environment where we can write our code. This environment can be Windows Notepad or a more professional Text Editor or IDE (like phpStorm).

A web browser through which we can run our code (like Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)


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