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AtlantisFX | Some web design tools

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

AtlantisFX | some web design tools

There are many software and tools for designing web pages that you can use for design your website. Of course, professional site design requires a lot of expert and experience, and it is better to leave the operation of creating your site to a site design company with a long and reputable history. But you can use these tools if you want to experiment with the web. If you do not have experience in building a site with these tools, it is better to set up your website using site builders.

Every web designer needs their own tools to design a website. You need these tools to design your site fundamentally. There are many programs available to do this, but some of them have more applications and are used by most designers. Here are 10 of the best website design tools:

1.Adobe Dreamwaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a website design and programming tool provided by Adobe that is fully compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. This software has many tools for web development, including: display of selected code in code display mode and normal display, management tools and work with ftp, project management tools and teamwork that simplifies the execution of large projects. AtlantisFX , And live view - which gives you the ability to view code results live. Dreamweaver is fully compatible with other Adobe tools such as Photoshop, allowing you to edit images and other elements through that tool.

2. Firebug

Firebug is a free tool that is installed on the firefox browser and allows you to find website errors and do website development. With this tool, you can easily check and change the html and css code on the web pages and also troubleshoot your website page, and it also has a section for troubleshooting JavaScript, which is one of its most important tools. Troubleshooting a Firebug website is one of the best tools you can have.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful software for creating and editing images, which is a very useful software, and web designers can use this software to prepare the graphics and designs they need.

4. Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks is a vector graphic creation software. This software allows site designers to create very light graphics. This tool is actually an optimized version of photoshop for site designers, which allows the designer to create very small graphics.

5. W3C Validator

This tool is free and allows designers to test the page in terms of html and xhtml standards implemented by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This is a tool for standardizing a web page. It also checks pages in other formats such as SGML or XML DTD, which checks all of these by page type. The site also has other tools for site optimization such as HTML tidy - which automatically standardizes the site coding, Validome - lets you validate HTML, XHTML and WML pages, WDG HTML - a validation tool Another is, Real Validator - shareware is a html code checker tool Valet - a set of site quality check tools.

6. Adobe Brackets

Adobe Brackets is a free web page design editor designed to manage HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Adobe Brackets allows you to coding inside the code, thus focusing on the code. This software was implemented by Adobe and shared under the MTI license.

7. Code Anywhere

CodeAnywhere lets you coding from anywhere, without having to prepare anything else. Just log in to the program to edit your site pages. Even when you re-enter the program, the files you left open will be reopened.

8. HTML5 boilerplate

HTML5 boilerplate gives you the framework for creating html5 pages as well as various elements. The system is fully compatible with various browsers, for example older versions of Internet Explorer, which allows you to use html5 tags such as <article>, <aside> and <header>. The system also has a site optimization tool for mobile, which allows you to easily create a page compatible with a variety of browsers and tools. It also has many tools such as htacess tool to use gzip to optimize the site and its speed.

9. Google Drawing

It gives you online design tools that you just need to have a Google account to use.

10. jQuery UI

jQuery is a very powerful and useful JavaScript library that allows you to create what you can't with html and css. This library is very useful but it is very difficult to work with and requires a lot of experience. jQuery UI allows you to create jQuery with software. So you do not need to know jquery coding.

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