Afshin Sazegar | Why the 2% price gain at LTC/EUR could only be the beginning

Afshin Sazegar | Why the 2% price gain at LTC/EUR could only be the beginning

Afshin Sazegar | Currently, a Litecoin costs € 51.97. Investors who filled their Litecoin Wallet exactly one year ago should not be dissatisfied with a return of more than 18%. Many cryptocurrencies are still stumbling at the moment, which probably has to do with the big Bitcoin Drop at the end of September 2019. Litecoin also suffered a loss of more than 15 € from 23 to 25 September. Since then, the course has been dancing around the € 50 mark.

The last week, however, shows that it seems to be slightly uphill at the moment. At just under 2%, the price gain is relatively small but still exists.

Litecoin is one of the few Alt Coins to make a profit last year. Nevertheless, the Litecoin course since June 2019 was constantly falling. This means of course that the coin is currently relatively cheap. To see if it might be worth investing in Litecoin, first, let's look at some hard facts about LTC.

The maximum price of Litecoin last year was € 123.95 and was reached on June 22, 2019.

The minimum price over the last year was measured on 14.12.2018 with a value of € 20.29.

If you only look at the last month, the maximum was reached on 18 September. Here a Litecoin cost € 71.48.

The minimum last month is € 48.15 on September 26th.

Already June had shown the potential in Litecoin. One could assume that the price maximum for this year has not yet been reached. However, in order to crack the € 100 mark, the price would soon rise sharply.

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