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Nowadays the importance of branding in making more money is very important. branding is completely obvious and tangible in raising the value of a business, more sales, sales guarantee,  trust-building and etc.

build a conceptual identity of the brand, is one of the main parts of branding. brands have their own characters and features and establish an emotional connection with customers.

It can be mentioned that one of the most important goals of branding is to build a clear message in the customer mind, build a sense of trust,  build an emotional connection between products and services with customers,  and increase customer loyalty.

one of the most effective factors in the matter of brand building is the protection of the brand. if the owner of the brand doesn't pay attention to this point they will cause of damage and in some cases, they can ruin the brand.

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Market research

Accurate and deep cognition of market is one of the most fundamental procedures for entering into every business that is called market research. research marketing is consist of collect, general marketing analysis, compatetors and customers analys, ( in past , present and future ) for example consumption characteristics and features,  market needs, features of relevant market and compatetors features are the most important factors that should be mentioned in market researches.
market research provide the possibility of business analysis in field of different strategies like market analysis, branding and brand identification that consist of two stages primary and secondary.
In primary stage deal with collect and analyze of datas that are not available. that could be done through questionnaire, survey and interview.
In secondary stage deal with collect and available detas analysis that could be performed through interview and questionnaire and compare them with internal and external sources.

starting and thriving each business need to many analysis and survey until it can be sold. in this way,  Atlantis Fx with using the modern methods of the world , present sale services in different ways.

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